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Know Your Gems: 21 Most Popular Gemstone Used in Jewelry

Jewelry is a timeless gift, and we all love to receive it. But what’s the best way to find out which gemstone will suit you? We’ve outlined some of the most popular gems used in jewelry so that you can make an informed decision when buying for yourself or someone else.

1. Amethyst:
Amethyst is known for its purple hues and durability. A type of quartz, amethyst, gets its color from crystalized iron, and the vibrancy of the color changes depending on the amount of iron inside. It is also durable for everyday wear and less costly than most gems.

2. Aquamarine:
Most people know Aquamarine for its bright blue color. It is a semi-transparent stone mined in Brazil, India, and Madagascar. The gem has been used to make jewelry throughout history due to its beauty and durability.

3. Emerald:
Emeralds get their name from the Greek word ‘smaragdos,’ which means ‘green gemstone. Emeralds are mined in Colombia, Zambia, Brazil, and Russia. The deep green color is due to chromium inside the stone, iron, and magnesium.

4. Garnet:
Garnets have been said to be a powerful gem used for protection from evil spirits throughout history by people worldwide. They come in many different colors, such as red or dark brown, and have been used to make ties since ancient times.

5. Peridot:
Peridots typically range between yellow-green hues but also can be found in pastel pink tones, which makes them a popular choice among jewelry designers because they never go out of style! It’s no wonder that peridot has remained one of the most popular gems for jewelry.

6. Tourmaline:
Tourmalines come in a wide range of colors and are known as the ‘multifaceted gemstone.’ They can be found naturally colored or created with heat to enhance their color, which adds a level of quality control before purchasing. This is one reason why tourmaline has been used so frequently throughout history; it comes in such a large variety that there’s always something new!

7. Topaz:
Topaz became very prominent after Princess Diana was spotted wearing her engagement ring made from topaz which sparked an interest. From there on, many well-known personalities showed off Topaz rings, including Queen Elizabeth, who wore them on many occasions. Since then, this yellow-gold stone has become even more popular and continues to make its way into high-end jewelry.

8. Zircon:
Zircons are known for their fire and clarity, which is why they have been used to make gemstones since ancient times. They come in various colors, including blue, brown, green, orange, and so on! This makes it easy to find something that matches your style perfectly, whether you’re looking for an everyday piece or one with more sparkle.

9. Citrine:
Citrine is another variety of quartz from Mexico and Brazil, which is known to bring good fortune. This gemstone has been popular since ancient times as a protective amulet against evil spirits.

10. Fire-Opal:
Fire Opals have been the symbol of life and good fortune throughout history. They can be found in many bright colors, making them even more attractive to shoppers looking for something different from their classic color choices.

11. Iolite:
Iolite is a blue-gray gemstone found in Mozambique, Sri Lanka, and Madagascar. Its name comes from the Greek word meaning ‘violet,’ which also gives away its primary characteristic color!

12. Kunzite:
Kunzite comes in beautiful pink hues, making it one of the more popular choices for jewelry, including engagement rings, earrings, and necklaces. Its pink color is attributed to manganese, which can be found in Brazil, Madagascar, Tanzania, and surrounding regions.

13. Lapis Lazuli:
The name lapis lazuli comes from a Latin word meaning ‘blue.’ This gemstone has been used in artwork and jewelry for over 6000 years due to its beauty and durability.

14. Malachite:
Malachite comes in a beautiful range of green hues, making it the perfect accessory to practically any outfit! It’s been used since Ancient Egypt, where they would carve intricate designs into the stone.

15. Moonstone:
Moonstones are known for their shimmering glow, which is attributed to the presence of feldspar and mica on the inside, giving them an ethereal quality that’s hard not to fall in love with! They can range from a milky white color to pink or blue hues, making it easy to find something that matches your style perfectly.

16. Opal:
Opals are known as the ‘queen of gems,’ and for a good reason! They come in a wide range of colors with an equally wide price. Due to their natural beauty, they are one of the most sought-after gemstones used by jewelry designers worldwide.

17. Onyx:
The name ‘onyx’ comes from a Latin word meaning the color black, which is what this gemstone has been known for since ancient times. It’s been used in jewelry and artwork throughout history because it can be found with bands of different colors embedded inside, making them even more interesting to look at!

18. Pearl:
Pearls have been considered a symbol of purity and innocence since ancient times. They have been used in jewelry for centuries due to their hard, lustrous surface.

19. Ruby:
Rubies are known as the ‘king’ or ‘queen of gemstones’ because they boast deep red hues that are not easily found in other gemstones. They have been prized for their beauty since ancient times, especially during the time of Cleopatra, when they were used to decorate her palace and boats!

20. Sapphire:
Sapphires come in a wide range of blue hues, making them one of the most famous varieties of gemstones used in jewelry. They have been prized since ancient times for their beauty, durability, and color, which is why they are so popular on the market today!

21. Turquoise:
Turquoises can range from green to blue-green hues, making them one of the most versatile gemstones used for jewelry purposes. These stones were often carved into the shape of scarabs and gods by the ancient Egyptians and have been used in jewelry for centuries.

There are wide varieties of gemstones available on the market today, some more popular than others. Each has its unique qualities that make them stand out in jewelry designs! If you are out gemstone shopping, keep these popular gemstones in mind so you can easily find something that matches your style.

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