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5 Best Stunning Ideas To Style Your Sapphire Pendant

Hey there! Now, we are in the year 2023. As spring progresses, we spend more time outside; this shift reflects in our wardrobes. The freedom to experiment and have a good time with your jewelry selection is one of the nicest parts of summertime style. Don’t you agree? With changing seasons, you might wonder what color jewelry you should wear this summer. Well, sapphire is one of the most beloved gemstones due to its stunning blue hue. And what can go wrong with a sapphire pendant, right?

In this blog, let us give you the 5 best stunning ideas to style your sapphire pendant necklace.

1. The Classic Look

This classic look is all about simplicity and elegance. 

  • Pair your sapphire pendant with a simple white dress or blouse, and let it take center stage. 
  • Add a pair of diamond studs and simple diamond hoops for extra sparkle, and you’re ready to go! 

Here is the inspo to pair your sapphire pendant:

2. The Pop of Color

  • For this look, pair your sapphire pendant with bright colors like pink, yellow, or blue. This fun combination will add color to any outfit, whether a casual t-shirt, jeans or evening gown. 
  • To complete this look, add some colorful gemstone earrings for an extra touch of vibrancy and sparkle. 

Here is the inspo to pair your sapphire pendant:

3. The Boho Glam Look

This look combines bohemian style with glamorous elements like pearls and diamonds. 

  • Start by pairing your sapphire pendant with an off-the-shoulder peasant blouse in ivory, tan, or cream shades.
  • Finish the ensemble with pearl drop earrings and stacked bracelets in gold or silver tones. 

Here is the inspo to pair your sapphire necklace:

4. The Edgy Look

  • Take things up a notch by pairing your sapphire pendant with leather pieces like jackets or skirts for an edgier vibe. 
  • Finish off the look with statement earrings like long chandeliers or geometric shapes in bold colors like red or fuchsia for added impact. 

Here is the inspo to pair your sapphire necklace:

5. The Statement Piece Look

  • Make your sapphire necklace the star of the show by wearing it over a plain black dress for maximum impact. 
  • To complete this look, add some bold earrings in eye-catching colors like turquoise or emerald green to draw attention to your neckline while allowing your sapphire necklace to shine bright! 

Here is the inspo to pair your sapphire necklace:

There you have it—five fresh ways to style your favorite sapphire pendant necklace! No matter what kind of event you’re attending, these looks will make sure all eyes are on you! 

Remember: Sapphire necklaces have been popular for centuries, and with good reason—they look beautiful on any woman! 

So don’t be afraid to experiment with various styles until you find the one that works best for you—after all, fashion is all about having fun!

Let us know how you like styling it!

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