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The Do’s and Don’ts For Caring of Your Diamond Jewelry

Do you have a beautiful diamond ring or necklace that you want to keep looking its best? If so, then this blog post is for you! Taking care of diamonds can be challenging for many owners. Considering the contrasting pieces of advice scattered around the internet, it’s up to you to decide whom you want to trust. For example, did you know that leaving your diamonds in contact with chlorine can cause irreparable damage? Many people end up damaging their diamond jewelry by following random advice. This is why, in this blog post, we have gathered some common do’s and don’ts about taking care of diamond jewelry. 

Do’s: Use soap and water to clean diamond jewelry:

If you notice that your diamond jewelry is losing its sparkle, the easiest way to deal with this is by using soap and water. For this, you need a bowl of warm water and a standard dishwashing solution. Just make sure that the solution doesn’t contain bleach or has moisturizing properties. Both of these factors are known to damage diamond jewelry. Place your diamond in the solution for about 20 minutes before taking it out and scrubbing gently with a toothbrush. Rinse the jewelry with water and let it air dry. Don’t use paper towels to dry as they can scratch the jewelry. If you notice that nothing has changed even after the rinse, give this process another try before taking it to a professional cleaner.

Don’t: Use strong chemicals to cleanse your jewelry:

Despite what anyone says, avoid using strong chemicals to cleanse your diamonds. This includes chlorine, acetone, and ammonia. All of these chemicals can cause significant damage to your diamond jewelry if not used carefully. If you have already damaged it, take them in for professional cleaning before attempting anything else on your own.

Do’s: Store Diamond Jewelry in a Safe Place:

Always store your diamond jewelry safely when they are not being worn. This means somewhere where no one can accidentally grab or hit them against any other object. Avoid storing them with keys or loose change, and never leave your earrings anywhere near sinks. The best way is to keep them inside an air-tight container within a velvet box.

Don’ts: Don’t Wear Your Diamond Jewelry When Swimming:

Even if you are taking a quick dip in your pool, it is best not to wear your diamond jewelry. This means avoiding contact with chlorine or saltwater, as this can cause significant damage to the outer surface of your diamonds.

Do’s: Use Brooches and Necklaces Made From Stainless Steel for Everyday Wear:

If you want to wear diamond jewelry daily but don’t want them damaged by exposure to chemicals like sweat, avoid using chains made from precious metals like gold or silver. Instead, opt for stainless steel because it doesn’t rust or tarnish easily! It also has anti-allergic properties, which make it ideal for skin allergies that might occur due to constant exposure.

Do’s: Take Off Your Jewelry When Applying Makeup:

Most women don’t think twice about wearing their diamond jewelry when applying makeup, but this can be a big mistake. Since most cosmetics are full of chemicals that contain salts and acids, it is best to remove your diamond accessories before you begin getting ready for the day.

Do’s: Keep Your Diamond Jewelry Away From Children:

As much as possible, don’t let children handle your precious diamonds because they might unknowingly damage them. While many adults may not care so much about mishandling or dropping expensive jewelry pieces, kids often lack awareness and will do whatever they feel like doing without worrying about the repercussions of the action. If there are young ones in your family, make sure that all jewelry is kept out of their reach.

Do: Have Your Diamond Jewelry Cleaned and Inspected regularly:

To ensure that your diamond pieces remain sparkling, inspect them for any scratches or nicks that might have occurred due to constant wear and tear over time. If you find any marks, take them to a professional for further examination and repairs.

Don’ts: Don’t Wear Your Diamond Rings When Engaged In Physical Activity:

While many don’t bother taking their rings when engaging in physical activity like sports or housework, this is definitely not recommended. Wearing diamond jewelry while partaking in physical activity is only asking for disaster. The best course of action would be to remove all jewelry first before you begin doing anything strenuous!

Don’ts: Avoid Exposing Your Diamond Jewelry To High Temperatures:

Do not expose your diamond jewelry to high temperatures because this can cause them to lose its luster and shine. In general, avoid taking all precious metal accessories with you when using a sauna or steam room, as the heat will only make these pieces tarnish faster.

Don’ts: Avoid using ultrasonic diamond cleaners at home: 

Many ultrasonic cleaners claim to clean diamond jewelry safely, but it is best not to use them at home yourself because this can end up causing more damage instead.

Diamond jewelry is a great accessory to have, whether it’s for everyday wear or special occasions. However, there are certain things that you should avoid doing with your diamonds, so they remain in pristine condition! There are also some things that you should do which will help them last longer over time. If you want to ensure that your precious stones stay as sparkling as the day you bought them, then make sure you take proper care. In addition, be sure to clean and inspect all items containing diamonds regularly. This way, problems can be identified and fixed early on. 

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